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Greenbriar Digital

Website Live Chat

With an integrated Live Chat feature, you empower your business and employees to communicate with existing and new customers to fully leverage your new website. Never miss a new client opportunity again.

The Business of Now

Why wait for a website visitor to convert in the traditional way? If you give a curious customer the means to communicate instantly with you, you increase the chance of them converting. Using Live Chat, your business will be able to talk directly to those visitors.

Widening the Sales Funnel

Potential customers can immediately interact with the business, allowing for conversions at an earlier point in the sales timeline.

Cell Phone Integration

Set your availability ahead of time, and respond to feedback at any time. Our integration allows for a text conversation with a website visitor!

Multi-Level Access

We can set up your live chat channels to communicate with both existing customers and potential new clients, streamlining the process.

Available Integration Features

Dashboard Monitoring

Pull chat logs and user activity from one view. We set up a personal dashboard to monitor past and current conversations.

Cell Phone Integration

Take your client communication on the road, we integrate with cell phones to convert to a text conversation.

Conditional Hours

Want to set specific hours that you are available? No problem! We can schedule when you can’t respond and set an away message.

Conversation Transcription

The text of each chat is transcribed into an email summary for management level auditing and monitoring.

Templated-Auto Response

Don’t have the staff to man the chat full time? No problem, we can set up a auto-answer that converts questions to an email.

Live Chat Support

Integrate with and enable your support team to increase your current customer satisfaction levels.

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